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Harry, a swimming pool builder in Brisbane built our pool 2 years ago. He came highly recommended to us from friends who recently had a pool built by him .From the original meeting we had regarding the concept and quotes to follow up after he had finished the job we found him excellent to deal with. Our first meeting we really had a general idea of what we wanted but were naive about the details. We had received a number of quotes, some of which were cheaper than Harry, but lacked specifics and had the potential for significant cost over-runs. What we liked most about was Harry is straight-up about costs, timeframes and the possibility of unexpected surprises. His honesty and directness was great, we always had the feeling that he had things under control and we were well informed all the way through the project. He does more than dig the hole and build the pool if necessary. He supervised the landscaping and his subbies closely which meant everything was hassle-free from our perspective. We have had one or two minor problems with the pool plant whilst under warranty- Harry sorted thati all out promptly. Overall Harry's greatest qualities are that he is upfront, direct and gives practical advice. I highly recommend Harry without any reservations.

Steve O'Donoghue, Alderley